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A brief history

Hailing from sleepy Devon in the United Kingdom, BlimeyOhRiley are a  collective of musicians who have shared the stage with the likes of Noel Gallagher, Frank Turner & Megadeth to name but a few.

Since 2008, BlimeyOhRiley has evolved  from  one man, his guitar and a collection of rusty harmonicas into a progressive powerhouse fusion of ska, punk and reggae.

This mentality has labeled them as non-genre specific, which becomes  apparent when hearing their unique take on popular songs and their merging from one song to another and back again with seamless style.

However, this group of musical miscreants don’t end with covers, they also push their upbeat style into their own original material.

After several now rare and desired demos and EPs kicking around the local scene, 2016 saw the release of their first full length eponymous record, which by local standards went platinum, selling over 500 copies in the first week, all on CD, remember those things? 

Fuelled with overconfidence BlimeyOhRiley released more records and are currently putting efforts into their next release.

“Where We Are Merely Imaginary” is the latest release and has been received with high praise within the online community.

The record saw them take a slightly different direction than previous and delved more toward a darker path than the tongue and cheek approach of old.

It explores a more personal side of the band and is considered to be their best efforts to date.

The EP was recorded with producer Josh Norton-Cox at one of Devon's premiere studios. 

Momentum in Plymouth.

Bass player and driving force of the group, Deano, has gone on record to say, " This record will 

be so different from anything we have ever done before, and that's not just because the songs are new."

BlimeyOhRiley remains an entertaining and perfect choice to grace the stage at any party, festival or showcase.

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